How to Introduce sex-toys to partner

Let’s say BOTH! Remember the famous episode on “Sex & The City” in which Kim Catrell’s character Samantha attempted to return her VIBRATOR back to Sharper Image. Samantha was embroiled in a heated argument with Sharper Image’s salesman about the VIBRATOR being a back masseuse and not a sextoy. Both were correct!

Women have been buying

 from Sears & Roebuck for decades! Mommy got a little helper from the “Oster”, a valium, and other massagers.

Today’s women can purchase a “back masseur” at Walgreens or CVS. My Hitachi Magic Wand was purchased at a Walgreens around 20 years ago. It is still working well. I bought it in a drug store, thinking I was being discrete. I was just 21 at the time. I did not know that the whole FREE WORLD used their back masseuses for other areas than their tight necks or backs. I can’t say I wasn’t a late bloomer.

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The Hitachi Magic Wand may be the most famous back masseur. Every lesbian I know has spoken of Hitachi’s magic electric wand. It is commonly called the “magic wad” and it is mentioned by every one. I joke that lesbians KNOW WHAT THEY DO! In the Bay Area, we have many gay women who love to share their favorite sexual toys with us.

The Magic Wand is a wonderful toy. It can also be used as a back massager. It plugs into a wall, so it is reliable. It has no batteries to break down or die during that critical moment . Really, this is a great masseuse that can also be used for partner sex. It isn’t the sexiest vibrator, or the prettiest. But it is very reliable and will get your job done every time.

But here’s some really exciting news that I want to share. The Hitach Magic Wand company now sells a cordless, waterproof wand called Mystic Wand. It’s PERFECTION. I am so happy that my customers think so too. I have been showing it at home parties for about one month and every person who touches it falls for it.

The Mystic Wand’s new design features a “skin safe silicone” bulb that has yummy skin. It can be used all over your body, even with sensitive skin. Soothe sore necks with a massage and then direct the rounded head to other areas of your body for truly incredible sensations. This massager is flexible and can be used in any direction. It will reach sweet spots that you may not have known existed!

This “back masseur” is the Hitachi Magic Wand’s more feminine, portable version. It requires 4 double AA battery and is able to provide plenty of power for those who love the harder toys. It can be used in 6 different speeds to suit everyone. It is also easy to share and use with your partner.

Peyronie can use sex toys as part of his private life. This question is one that many men with severely bent peniss have been asking. Although this isn’t a serious health issue, it does reflect a mans ability to enjoy sex. Therefore, it’s worth asking.


Many men have curves in their penis. Instead of being perfectly straight it bends a bit to the left or right or up or down. Men are proud to have a bent penis. This is because they believe that it distinguishes their organs. Women find a slight curvature to be attractive. Many women have discovered that a penis that is curvilinear at the right angle can be more likely to touch her sensitive areas during sex.

A man with a curvature that is too prominent can have serious consequences. Peyronie’s is the name for most people with excessive curvature. This happens when the penis’ connective tissues are not working as they should. It can cause tissue to tear or rupture if there has been trauma to the penis, such as when it is erect or partner-based sex. When the body attempts to heal a tear, it creates a thin scar tissue layer. If traumatizing events keep happening, the body will create more scar tissue. This can lead to more problems.

The scar tissue has less flexibility than the connective tissue replacing it. The penis becomes less flexible when it is in an erect state. As the scar tissue accumulates, the penis will be less flexible. If there is excessive scar tissue at the top of the penis (e.g., on the penis’s top), then it is more difficult for the penis to become erect. The penis curves upward as the connective tissues at the top are exhausted.

Peyronie’s does not seem to affect many men. Some find that penetration is difficult due to the curvature, while others feel pain when their penis becomes erect.

Are you looking for sex toys that will help?

Sex toys could be beneficial for men with Peyronie who are restricted from sexual activity because of their condition. A penis sleeve, which is most commonly recommended for men suffering from Peyronie’s, is the best sex toy. This is a penis-shaped hollowed toy that fits over a man’s penis. Some men with bent peniss have found that this can straighten their penis curve while they wear it. However the curve will return once the sleeves are removed. Many sleeves include features such as bumps or rings, which can give extra stimulation to the penis and vagina.

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