Aesthetic Websites Catch More Visitors in Searches

Aesthetics is a branch of science that deals with the study of aesthetics. It is a reflection and study of the concept of beauty in art. Beauty plays an important role in our daily life, such as talking, sitting, speaking, eating, dressing, etc. In addition to feelings like love, joy, hope, and pleasure, many thoughts help us express our beautiful thoughts about old things. presentation.

There are three types of thoughts in beauty. These are qualities of imitation and liberality, qualities of formalism and design, emotional and interesting knowledge. Imitation and good freedom: Focus on leading a subject or life, or the reality that represents what you see in the real world. This includes an example of an object or item in a situation. Detail view is present here as

Formalism and quality of design: This beautiful concept concerns the quality of original products. It focuses on the structure of concepts based on design or combination, such as equations, integrations, divisions, etc.

Emotivity and expressive experience: This beautiful feeling influences the content and context of the artwork to convey a message to the audience. It refers to the interpretation of work, from the point of view of thought, culture or a work-related concept. Emotion requires good communication, thoughts, feelings or ideas through the action of the viewer. This beautiful feeling has a lot to do with the mood as well as the action. It can be fear, sadness, anxiety, happiness, hate, etc.

Depending on the type and purpose of criticism, one or both of these aesthetic ideas can be used to judge or criticize an art form, but it is appropriate or preferable to use all three perspectives on art criticism. work of art. It is advisable to use our thought to criticize art, because just one of the beautiful ideas to appreciate and criticize an art will not convey something special or interesting. . What are you looking for when selecting apples from the category? There are many reasons for beauty, whether it is luster, color or image.

How to choose which products will be the most important questions to ask when creating an e-commerce site. We would like to think that we all decide to consider the functional characteristics of the product, but beauty clearly affects human and human choice.

But why are we so easily distracted by beauty? Beauty touches us

Item images seem to affect our judgment. How many times have you also bought your favorite phone, but after using it for a few days you know that it doesn’t have all the features you need?

Numerous studies show that aesthetics affect the perception and usability of products. When asked to rate the usability and aesthetic scores of ATM screens, one study found that people found usable scores to be more likely to be associated with aesthetic scores than usability was. real on the screens. Further research was able to replicate these results across cultures.

The result means people can no longer tell the difference between usable and believe that aesthetics are the most important thing. But why the diversion? The main reason why this happens to human judgment is believed to be the so-called “halo effect”. This is where the aesthetics of the design directly affects the understanding of other things. For example, understanding that a nice shirt or an elegant dress makes a person wear better.

What does usability matter here? Studies have shown that consumption can impact human decision-making after using the product. However, at the initial stage of interacting with an object or system, aesthetics clearly have a major impact. This “halo effect” does not last long. If you wait 15 minutes in a good restaurant, no matter how good the service, the reputation of the restaurant will be affected.

Usage increased after interference with low volume products. A study found that comfort (close to aesthetics) and ergonomics (close to usability) both had an impact on product aesthetics, but at a different level from time to time. . The application is beneficial by the beauty before the application. However, after use, usability and aesthetics were restored.

online beauty

So, beauty affects us when we look at real products, but do these distractions affect the internet?

Beauty can be a deciding factor in whether customers trust your website enough to buy from them. Another study found that people “improved the quality of online banking websites based on simple or short screenshots of interactions.”

Aesthetics affect the determination of where people are elected. What does it mean?

This means that the design should be more rigorous with usability.

People seem to use aesthetics to determine attractiveness and perceived usefulness. So should we ignore usability and focus on beauty? Of course not. This “halo effect” seems to disappear from the first use.

In terms of scientific research, it reveals the energy that beauty can have, but created by itself cannot complete the space. Product design can ensure preference first, but only the combination of usability and aesthetics will make the product more appealing to consumers.

In many renovation/design processes, a beautiful website or a user is formed before everything begins. There is no interaction between the creative team and the user experience group. This does not lead to integration. Until the user research is complete, how will the designer know the constraints they are working on? How can you incorporate the most user-friendly search into your design without pretending that all instructions must be followed at once?

Must have a working relationship between design and user experience. Elegance and usability support each other and when they work together they can make the difference between a good website and a top class website.

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